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The founders of Eid City Canada are both scholars and students of deen who realised a massive need in our own community. Every year when Christmas rolls around we see the bright lights, the festive music, and all the nostalgic culture we grew up with all around us. Despite being Muslims we can’t help but be impressed by the influence of these festive vibes. The snow, the gifts, the decor and family bonding all makes for such a special time of year for those celebrating. 

As Muslims living in North America, we feel that our biggest holiday of the year, followed by our most blessed month should also be just as special, if not more so for our communities. We may not have multi colored lights outside our homes or stockings over the fireplace, but we at Eid City Canada thought why not begin to sculpt our own unique Eid Culture. Why not have beautiful crescent moon and star shaped lights, toppers, or Ramadan or Eid balloons? Why not have calendars to count down to the most celebrated day of the year? Why not make our children and families experience  and appreciate the gift of our very own festive season by creating powerful memories from our very houses. 

With this goal in mind we began Eid City Canada to provide Eid & Ramadan supplies, decorations and enrich the experience altogether. We are a family business based in Toronto that aspires to beautify and enhance the festive landscape surrounding our most celebrated month and the two Eids. We started Eidcity during the pandemic and have been growing ever since! We strive to provide the highest quality decor for affordable prices to allow Muslims from around the world to share the same joy and mission as us. We welcome all questions and enquiries so if you have any please don’t feel shy to shoot us an email.